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The name of Trevor Tice is definitely familiar for a lot of people out there, especially for those who are considered as a yoga lover. This amazing man is the founder of the Core Power Yoga studio chain that is very popular since the past ten years. The Core Power Yoga is said to be a very trustworthy and reputable yoga studio you can get in the United States alongside several names of top leading yoga studios. After the establishment of their Core Power Yoga Cherry Hills location, the Core Power still continues opening a lot of branch studios in other locations. Of course, this will not possibly happen without the supports and love from their yoga enthusiasts or Core Power Yoga communities out there.

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CorePower Cherry Hills

As you have probably heard about the history of Trevor Tice and his Core Power Yoga, at first he was not a yoga practitioner to begin with. He was a person who always had a huge passion for challenging sports and never attracted to slow exercises such as yoga. Who knows that a broken ankle can totally bring a new story to the life of Trevor Tice. He was unable to join his beloved climbing activities anymore at the time so his friend suggested yoga to replace it instead. At first he was not interested, however, he later thought that it was better than doing nothing. So, he really tried attending a yoga class in a local yoga studio. Amazingly, he was instantly hooked and everything happened so fast until he officially opened his first yoga studio in 2002.

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Yoga Cherry Hill

The first studio is definitely not the Core Power Yoga Cherry Hills since it was established only several years ago. Even so, this Cherry Hills branch studio is always crowded with people who want to join the yoga classes. It is located at the Cherry Hills area, on the East Hampden Avenue, Denver, Colorado. Indeed, Colorado is claimed to be one of the biggest quarters of the Core Power Yoga. Until today, there have already been four branch studios located in Colorado. Moreover, the most amazing part is that all of those branch studios spread across Colorado has always been packed by students, from the opening to the closing time, for seven days a week. Really amazing, isn’t it?

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CorePower Yoga Stapleton

The effort of Trevor Tice to keep the standards in all branch studio of the Core Power seems to be working successfully. Each branch studio of this yoga studio chain always gets a lot of positive comments. Of course, negative comments or cons are inevitable but the highly starred testimonials are the real evidence. One of the most successful features of the Core Power Yoga Cherry Hills according to the students is their amazing yoga teachers. Even though they are very talented and expert but they are very welcoming and friendly to the students. In addition to the amazing teachers, the atmosphere created by the interior design of the studio is really zen, calm, and refreshing so the students feel more relax when they are attending their yoga class.


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